Everybody Should Believe In Something Fishing sign

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Everybody Should Believe In Something Fishing sign for your game room, bar or man cave. About our everybody should believe in something fishing sign. Everybody should believe in something, I believe I'll go fishing. Said by the great American poet, Henry David Thoreau . He made many references to the fisherman. Another one: Many go fishing all their lives without knowing that it is not fish they are after. Truly a great quote, worthy of your wall. Measures 7 inches x 16 inches. This sign is made of real wood. The sign has been slightly distressed to give it an older appearance. This results in a finely handcrafted, and detailed look. Buttonhole hook on back allows for easy wall or door mounting. A decorative routered edge comes standard, but you can add a hand kerfed, 1 inches heavy poplar wood molding frame with hand painted gilded pin stripes for a small additional fee.

More About This Sign

  • Measures: 7.25"x16"x.5"
  • Weight: 3 lbs.
  • Material: Birch veneer furniture grade Wood with Silk Screened Verbiage.
  • Finished with routered, gold pin-striped edge.
  • You may add a hand kerfed, 1" heavy poplar wood molding frame with hand painted gilded stripe for a small additional fee.
  • Styled in late 19th century design with hand rubbed stain to give it an aged look.
  • Keyhole hanger in back of sign for easy door or wall mounting.
  • Made in the USA.
  • Production time on this sign normally runs 2 weeks.
  • This sign is non personalized, however, you may create your own sign like this one in our custom sign section.
  • Get more info About our PDS line of wood signs here.

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About our PDS Line of Signs

Our Wood Signs that begin with the item number PDS- are based upon late 19th century designs when use of text oriented pub and trade signs were at their height. While the signs are brand new, they conform in shape and lettering style to that of old time signs. To complete the look, all of the signs are given a hand rubbed stain to "age" the sign appropriately.

The larger signs, generally the 18"x24" size and up, come standard with a 1" hand kerfed, heavy poplar wood molding frame with hand painted gilded pin stripes. Kerfed is the art of cutting slits in the molding to establish and arch shape. The sign portion is made of 1/2" Birch veneer MDF wood with silk screened verbiage. Many of the signs feature a gilded three dimensional bas relief of resin with hand rubbed stain. The name boards that come with some of the signs also feature the same 1" heavy poplar wood molding with hand pin stripping. Many of the smaller signs come standard with a routered edge but you have the option to add the popular wood molding frame for a small additional fee.

The tombstone shaped, large ovals, dartboard backings and framed crescent signs feature steam bent poplar wood moldings with hand painted frames and pin stripping. The basic copy is screen printed, the personalized copy is produced in vinyl and the accents are added by hand. They are then hand-stained and a three dimensional bas relief is added (as applies).

All of the signs with either a keyhole in the back so you can mount to a wall with a nail or screw. The larger signs with mounting hardware. All of the signs with the exception of the garden signs are intended for interior use only. If you need use any of the signs outside where they will be exposed to the elements, please contact us first for pricing on pressure treated wood.

All of the PDS signs are made proudly in the USA. These signs are made by hand on demand. Please allow up to three weeks for production on your PDS Sign.

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