Personalized VW Surf Shack cut out sign


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Personalized VW Surf Shack cut out sign for your home or vacation house. our Personalized VW Surf Shack cut out sign adds a whole new dimension to your walls. This sign is Available in wood only. and features a two dimensional effect where the action seems to jump right out of the sign for your home or vacation house. The style design is retro cool with original verbiage. This sign is not laminated or screen-printed, they are actually painted by machine. This indoor sign has improved pigments which will hold up well to sunlight. Please note the measurements provided indicate actual size of sign back (not including the silhouette cut-out dimension)

Personalization instructions:
You may replace 2 lines in this sign
Line 1: You may replace "Manhattan Beach's" with your text.
Line 2: You may replace "Big Wave Mike" with your text.

More About This Sign

  • Quality Level: BEST
  • Fade resistant pigments provides years of use.
  • Interior Use only.
  • This sign normally ships within 7 to 10 business days (excluding major holidays). Please view our current production schedule for the latest processing times.
  • You may add additional text to this sign for $30 per line - call customer service to order.
  • Questions? Check out our personalization tips and punctuation guide.
  • Made in the USA

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About our MD Line of Signs

Nearly all of the signs we offer that start with the code "MD-" are available in your choice of either wood or metal styles. While metal signs tend to be trendier or "kitschy", wood signs are more traditional. Some designs lend themselves to one or the other depending on the image and the message. For example, bar signs or water-ski signs may make more sense on metal, while hunting or fishing signs may seem better in wood. Metal can often times seem "brighter" while colors on wood appear softer. We sell more wood than metal, but don't let that influence you! Personal preference is varied. Use your own judgment!

Fade resistant pigments are used on all of the signs that start with the code "MD-". Both metal or wood styles of the signs that start with "MD-" can be displayed out-of-doors. However, when purchasing signs solely for outdoor use, we recommend metal signs. The wood sign comes with hook on the back of the sign for mounting while the metal sign comes with four holes (one in each corner of the sign) which you can then nail or screw to the wall, door or exterior surface. Both will add charm and whimsy to any area of your home, office or business establishment!

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